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 HEALTH TESTING IS VERY IMPORTANT. I guaranteed my dogs will be clear of all panel diseases that are common in labs for life. If you go to Puppy information section it will list the diseases I test for. This is the most important thing you can look for when buying a lab. Whether you buy from me or anyone else make sure the parents are panel health tested. This test can not just be performed at your local vet it requires their swab to be sent off to a special lab. Yes you can go buy cheap labs online for $100-300 but you really don't know what you get and you will end up spending way more in vet bills if it ends up with one of the diseases that are common in labs. I also offer lifetime of breeder support. I always check on my puppies that I have sold in past even years down road. At Central MS Silver labs we  Raise very RARE Silver and Charcoal Labs. We also offer standard colors.Don't be fooled by the color. They are still  AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers. If you want something new and fun Check out Our Rare colors! Everywhere you go with your dog you will have people stopping to tell you how gorgeous your dog is. Our dogs are NOT kept in a concrete kennel all day and used just for breeding. We have a grassed in area where they can play and exercise and be free with each other. We don’t just stick them in a pen to breed only. We take our dogs out and spend time with them in the woods and other outdoor activities.  When you receive a puppy from us it will have health guaranteed due to all the test we run on our dogs. We run a dna test that shows common genetics problems a lab can carry. We also do several other tests such as color genetic test and various hip test. We are always trying to improve our pedigree as we progress. As a breeder we try to satisfy the customer, that is why we run these test to provide you with a health guaranteed. If you ever have a problem with your puppy that reflects back to us I can assure you I will make it right. Check out my page for pics of my dogs and past litters. If you want to know any more information click my contact link and email me. I will respond to you within 24 hours! Thanks For your interest. 

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We offer all colors, not just silver. The colors we offer below.

  • Chocolate
  • Yellow/Champagne
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Charcoal



We breed mainly for family oriented pets. Everyone loves a dog that has a cut off switch. With that being said our dogs do have very good hunting instincts. We have provided many proven hunting companions as well.

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